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Best Tailored Suits in Perth
Welcome to Napia! Perth's best-handcrafted suits, shirts and customer service bringing back class in your day to day life and striving to make you stand out.

Here at Napia, we believe in a personalised tailoring experience for Men and Women. Going back to the roots of tailoring with a modern touch, we hope to bring back class tailoring and class customer satisfaction. Understanding each customer is key to making sure that every cut, fold and stitch of your suit is made to fit you perfectly.

The experience of having a good tailor is having no hassle, no doubts and always trusting the suit to be to your specifications and requirements in a timely manner. It’s about having the presence of knowledge that you get directly by talking to them and not allowing you to leave with half answered questions. No request is ever too much. It’s always about you when you’re with the right tailor. Because you’re unique. Unique to your taste of style, your body type, your posture and, most importantly to how you’re accommodated and understood. Napia believes in these qualities and we are out to achieve this.

Our team of master tailors have been working for generations from the early 1900’s gathering a wealth of experience. We understand what you expect from a suit, it should fit like a glove, glide with your body shape, make you look sharp and make you stand out from the rest.

With our team of individuals that have a sense of style and our team of experienced master tailors we work through our simple 3 step process with you. We start with selecting your material, then creating your style of suit from scratch on a sketch board, and finally understanding your posture and then measure your body shape. The suit is started by our master tailors and the progress is sent to you on a weekly notice for your reference. The suit is then hand delivered to your door with appointment. You try on the suit which gives us and yourself the opportunity to look for any possible changes to make for the final fit. Napia will guarantee a suit that will be out to impress.

With Napia make being classy simple.

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